About Us

Marly Building Supply commenced business operations in the year 2000. “Marly” means “horse power” in Chinese. The character “Ma” is the founder’s surname. The concept behind the name “Marly” is that by combining the founder’s family name with his own indomitable spirit, it would make his business flourish.

Marly was just a small storefront at 858 Meeker Avenue. While our storefront address is still 858 Meeker Avenue, we have expanded immensely in our immediate area. In 2004, our sister company, Marly Building Materials in Lindenhurst, New York, started operations. They are only one of a handful of concrete masonry unit (“CMU”) manufacturers in the five boroughs and Long Island. With the additional space and capacity that at our Long Island space, we initiated the manufacturing of metal studs and tracks in 2006, wire lath in 2014 and simple truss mesh in 2015. Lastly, new machinery was purchased for our CMU plant in 2015. This new machinery allows us to triple our previous production capacity.

Sadly, while we were in the midst of expanding our CMU plant on Long Island, our main storefront experienced a devastating 5 alarm fire. Our inventory, offices and equipment sustained heavy losses. This destructive incident would have broken the spirit of many, but, emboldened by the challenge of rebuilding, our determination and resolve shined through. With optimism and tenacity, we immediately rebuilt a temporary storefront across the street at 857 Meeker Ave. With the help of all of our vendors, we managed to replenish most of our lost inventory almost immediately. At this current time, we have completed rebuilding the original premises and have returned to 858 Meeker Avenue. Marly currently covers almost 2 blocks of Meeker Avenue.

With a specialty in masonry material, we have become one of the largest distributors of face bricks in New York City. Our successful journey through these 17 years was accomplished through hard work, perseverance, and, most importantly, with a determined and resolute attitude.